5 Must Have Qualities of a Independent Consultant

5 Must Have Qualities of a Independent Consultant

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Independent Consulting can be an extremely rewarding and empowering profession or a frustrating experience one. If you have thought about taking the leap and want to experience the independence, creativity, wealth, and empowerment independent consulting offers, here are five important qualities and personal traits you would need to succeed as a Consultant.

  • Self-discipline - Independent Consulting may sound amazing – a job where you are your own boss but you need to ask yourself that -  “When no one is looking, do you still work as hard”? As an Independent Consultant you need to set our own rules and strictly abide by them, making self- discipline the most valuable trait of an Independent Consultant. Poor time management skills and a lacklustre work ethic will not only corrode the quality of your work but also ultimately lead to your downfall as a consultant.
  • Punctuality - Punctuality is the building block of a consultant’s career. Being professional and submitting quality work on time will make your clients happy and in all possibility, whether through the same employer or another via word of mouth, get you another assignment.
  • Desire to Learn - Any profession will inevitably change, requiring new skills. You are your boss and learning & growing is integral to every consultant’s career.  You should be ready to invest your time to keep upgrading your skills. A desire to learn will make your ongoing education a perk of the job, not a chore.
  • Values, Integrity and Principles - When a Client gives you an assignment, they trust you. They are investing not only money but also hope. Hence, you should maintain some values and principles. You might miss a deadline due to change in client requirements, but non delivery of work on time on several occasion, will make the client lose trust in you. As a consultant, you should build trust and positive hope in clients.
  • Passion - You need to have a genuine passion for the services offered otherwise you have a hard time sitting down and getting to work. Not all assignment are equally exciting and tedious tasks haunt you irrespective of the assignment. The trick of becoming a successful independent consultant is to find where your passion converges with a need in the economy.

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Manu, you've summarized quite succinctly the foundations of a good independent consulting practice that is sector-neutral. I'm genuinely excited by the UpKonnect initiative and hopeful that it builds a strong base of quality professionals. Kartik Kumar