Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation encompass many new avatars of technology which should be embraced by Organizations based on need and taking their Organization to next-level of excellence.

Some of these technologies are in use in one way or other but importance increased due to additional applications, processes and tools including data availability to ensure these disruptive technologies actually deliver value to Organizations.

Enterprise Architecture as a whole need to be re-visited  and re-define Baseline and Target Architecture at all 3-4 layers of the Organization and it should be termed as Technology Strategy rather just calling IT strategy.

Below are some of the technologies which fall under this new disruptive wave.

1) Artificial Intelligence /Augmented Intelligence - Machine Learning/Deep Learning

2) Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

3) 3D Printing

4) Internet-of-Things (IoT)/IIoT (Industrial Internet of things)

5) Adopting SMAC - Social, Mobility, Analytics and Cloud

6) RPA

7) Adopting Blockchain Technology

8) Industry 4.0

9) Integrating Legacy Systems 

10) Security & GRC

Most of the above technologies need a Use-Case and run through a PoC then decide whether Organization is in a position to derive better RoI for the planned Investments.

I can assist Organizations to Create the Road-map and also help Implementing the road-map using collaborative approach for the right technology solution.





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