Tips To Turn Over a Business Setback

Tips To Turn Over a Business Setback

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Every entrepreneur enters the market with sound knowledge that there is a good chance of not making it. There are plenty of tips out there which tell you how to grow your business or build your team. But what are you going to do when none of them worked and you ended up in a loss? How do you recover from a business failure?

You can view your setback as either outright rejection of your ideas or a new door leading you to stepping stones of success. You could just give up or you could hang on tight to that paper boat you made till you find another.

Remember: There will never be a dearth of opportunities (In fact, it is impossible for that to happen. Take my word). You just need to know where to look.

Here are a few directions you could consider to head towards positive development on the road to recovery:


Reconsider your strategy

Many businesses don’t manage to make a profit within their first two years. By the third year, if you are still in the dark, you should consider revamping your business strategy. There has been a lot of time and money invested in your strategy which hasn’t been working out and you need to view things from a different perspective.  This can mean closing your business or working on another project entirely.

If you have the financial stability to invest in your new business project and lead a decent life and, if you are born with an entrepreneurial spirit, you can consider starting a new business. The relationships that you build while working on your past venture will help you in your new venture. The mistakes you made will help you make a more fool proof plan.

Since planning is an important aspect, one must take their time doing the right amount of research and consult experts to help draft an effective and agile strategy. This can take some time and a true entrepreneur bleeds patience and determination.


Taking the non-entrepreneurial road

In your former business, you would have faced a lot of challenges and climbed rapidly on the learning curve. You would have discovered a lot of new things about yourself and developed a lot of new and highly useful skills. Maybe you don’t want to go back to being what you were before you were an entrepreneur. You can look for job opportunities in areas which you had developed a particular interest in. Doing short time courses to sharpen your skillset before starting the search will also help you find a job faster.

If you still want to be in the entrepreneurial battleground while not having to start your own venture, you can also consider taking up a role as an independent consultant for businesses in the area of your expertise.



Losing in the competitive playfield can take a toll on one emotionally and it is important to get rid of all the darkness in the mind. Taking responsibility for the failure will win the admiration of the people you worked with. It will also help you ward off negativity and ill feelings towards others.

Place yourself in the company of people who provide you with positive reinforcement and not those who remind you of your failure in a negative way. A vacation break with your family to relax and rejuvenate will help you clear your mind.


It is not easy to recover from a business setback, but the world moves on and so must you. It is all about pushing through with a wider outlook and more positive thought process.



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